Advocate for Affordable Housing!

Once you've invited your friends and gotten informed, get active! Send letters, attend City Council meetings, argue with family and friends—however you are most comfortable, you can help support a vibrant and diverse Lafayette. See the Facebook discussion topics "Lafayette Terraces" and "Rezoning BART Parking" for specific ways you can get involved in our campaigns to building a better town.

Advocate for Fair Housing Elements!

Check out resources to advocate for fair housing elements, one of the most important aspects of Lafayette's upcoming General Plan.

Talk to Your Families!

Particularly if you are a minor or an adult living in your childhood home, this step of advocacy will be important. Every single-family household that supports high-density development proves that anti-development interests and their beliefs do not represent Lafayette.

Lafayette's Planning Commission

The Planning Commission for Lafayette determines what can be built and where it can be built. Under the City Council's oversight, the Planning Commission creates and enforces zoning laws in Lafayette, which determine where high-density housing can be built. Email the Commission in support of an inclusive Lafayette and high-density development at or see their meeting schedule at

Participate in City Council Meetings!

Speaking directly to your elected officials during City Council meetings is the best way to ensure the Council, as well as the community at large, hears your voice. We will regularly post events for City Council meetings when high-density development issues are on the agenda, so keep your eyes peeled.

Contact Lafayette's City Council!

Let your public officials know that you care about creating a more inclusive Lafayette through high-density development. See their website to email individual board members or email to contact the entire board and the city manager.